Gordon G Smith III.

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About Gordon

Hey, I'm Gordon. I am a Graphic and UX/UI Designer in Spokane Washington. I have a passion for userexperience development and would love to help ensure your users are getting the best expereince out of your product as they can. Outside of work I am a through-and-though family man, I love going snowboarding and kayaking wth my wife and daughter, and I will convince my wife soon that our toddler needs her own skateboard before too long.

What I Do


Studying UX/UI has allowed me to learn the ins and outs of user experiences. Through research, user testing, and prototyping I can help you create a product that is both intuitive and captivating to your users. Stay ahead of your competitors by ensuring your products experience is the best that it can be!

Web Design

Coupled with my experience in UX/UI Design I can help create a website that will bring your ideas to the forefront of the world. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to work together to create something beautiful and useful.

Graphic Design

Having studied graphic design at Eastern Washington University I learned a lot about creating designs that can communicate to views with the use of images, typography, and art. I will use my experience creating posters for EWU’s Intramural Sports department, and promotional materials for many local companies to create exactly what you need.


I like to believe I am a master at fun, while some you have worked with in the past were no-doubt dry, drab, and well just not fun; I can promise that every moment working with me will be more fun than scoring the game-winning-goal in the Stanley Cup Finals (okay, maybe not that fun…but really fun!).